On Wednesday, July 19, Cinnaholic is turning 13. To celebrate ‘Cinnaholic Day,’ all 85 of its locations will be offering $2 Old Skool Rolls – classic cinnamon rolls with vanilla frosting.

In honor of Cinnaholic’s 13th birthday, the vegan cinnamon roll bakery chain shares 13 facts about itself:

  1. Each Cinnaholic bakery is locally owned and operated.
  2. Cinnaholic gained national attention when it appeared on the popular TV show Shark Tank in 2014. The founders struck a deal with investor Robert Herjavec.
  3. All of Cinnaholic’s products are 100% vegan and dairy-free.
  4. Its bakeries do not have freezers.
  5. Its proprietary recipes including cinnamon roll dough, frosting, cookie dough, brownies and more are all made from scratch by its bakers.
  6. Cinnaholic has 85 locations across the US and Canada.
  7. Cinnaholic headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  8. The original star of the menu was the Classic Old Skool Roll; Cinnaholic has since added 5 other Signature Roll options.
  9. Cinnaholic’s most popular signature roll is the Cookie Monster. It’s a classic roll with cream cheese frosting, homemade cookie dough, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.
  10. Cinnaholic’s creme brulee frosting was introduced for a limited-time offer and became so popular it is now a core menu flavor.
  11. Cinnaholic offers 20+ frostings and toppings for a completely customizable roll in addition to the six signature rolls.
  12. In addition to cinnamon rolls, Cinnaholic offers other treats, including bite-sized baby buns, cookies, brownies, and even customized cinnamon roll cakes called “Cinnacakes.”
  13. All Cinnaholic bakeries serve locally sourced coffee from a roaster in their community.

Cinnaholic is on track to have 105 locations open by the end of 2023. Additionally, the chain has another 25 openings planned for 2024, with 55 more in the pipeline.