Lollicakes are a huge hit at The Bagel Bakery and Cupcake Shoppe located in the Denver area. Charlotte Mason, who manages The Bagel Bakery’s location in Thornton, CO, explains their bakery now sells Lollicakes, which are bite-sized cupcakes on a stick made by a friend who produces Lollicakes exclusively for The Bagel Bakery. The Lollicake Bake Shop ( is a family run business located in Denver.
“They are basically cupcakes on a stick. She uses any cake flavor we make, and creates it into a lollilop,” Mason says. “She can create any design – a golf ball, bowling pin, or something fun for spring.”
Lollicakes are very popular as a party favor at weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Lollicakes can be custom-made to fit any occasion.
“A lot of people for weddings will get these as a party favor, so guests will have something to take home as a remembrance of the party,” Mason says.

Basic Flavors:
Southern Red Velvet - Rich red velvet cake blended with cream cheese frosting
24 Carrot Cake - Moist carrot cake combined with cream cheese frosting
Vanilla Almond - Delicious vanilla cake mixed with almond frosting
Luscious Lemon - Tart lemon cake blended with vanilla frosting
Birthday Cake - Traditional yellow cake mixed with vanilla frosting
Peanut Butter Crunch - Creamy peanut butter combined with rice krispies
Strawberry Shortcake - Vanilla cake blended with strawberry frosting
Chocolate Mint - Dark chocolate cake mixed with peppermint frosting

Seasonal Flavors:
Pumpkin Spice - Delicious pumpkin cake blended with cream cheese frosting
Lucky Charms - Lucky Charms cereal combined with cream cheese frosting - they are magically delicious
Girl Scout Thin Mint - Thin Mint cookies mixed with cream cheese frosting
Gingerbread - Traditional gingerbread with a hint of orange combined with cream cheese frosting

Three years ago in May, The Bagel Bakery opened its first retail store, exclusively as a bagel shop, but quickly expanded to four locations, including a library café and a bakery kiosk at a popular shopping mall. Their rapid rise was accelerated two years ago upon receiving a special order for 2,700 cupcakes for a local company’s Christmas party. At that point, Michelle Martinez, owner of The Bagel Bakery, recognized the huge potential for adding decorated cupcakes and cakes to their bagel business. They now offer 50 flavors of cupcakes – 12 daily – and 13 flavors of bagels at their retail shop in Thornton.