For fine foodservice establishments, Galaxy Desserts creates elegant French pastries and desserts with an eye on functionality, especially in today’s tight labor market where hotels are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in leisure travel, business events, weddings and holiday parties.

“We say we try to help all pastry chefs so they can focus on the high-end food in the hotel for their VIP clients and special people,” said Jean-Yves Charon, Galaxy Desserts’ co-founder, pastry chef and current foodservice sales director. “For hotel banquets, we offer products where they can more easily serve 1,000 people.”

Throughout the years, Mr. Charon and Galaxy Desserts have been on the cutting edge of indulgent desserts such as its Duos that combine two mousse flavors, such as cappuccino-chocolate or raspberry-lemon combinations.

“We try to stay on trend and find products of the future,” he explained. “We look at different flavors such as matcha and yuzu. For our mousse, we incorporate crunchy layers and look for other ways to add different textures. For the croissant, our ready-to-bake products now can be taken from the freezer to the oven. We have some products that can help consumers or our customers in a pinch and be quickly put into the oven.”

Galaxy Desserts has a reputation for collaborating with restaurants on new products like the recent waffle croissant, where the chef takes a proofed croissant dough and places it in a waffle iron.

Another Galaxy Desserts product is a hybrid of two French classics — specifically a laminated brioche dough that offers a croissant-like indulgence without the flakiness or crumbs.

“For our mousse cakes, which are such a high-quality product, the restaurants or hotels just take it and finish it and decorate it themselves,” Mr. Charon said. “We also have our macarons and petit fours for buffets.”

For Brioche Pasquier and Galaxy Desserts, there are no limits to the universe of innovation.

This article is an excerpt from the November 2022 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Galaxy Desserts, click here.