Whether you prefer gingerbread, springerle, or chunky chocolate chip, freshly baked cookies are a heartwarming trademark of the holiday season. 

So, which of the 200 biggest U.S. cities are serving up the best cookies? To find out, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Cookie Lovers.

These are cities with great access to tasty cookies, including late-night cookie vendors and Girl Scout Cookie booths. The survey also considered TimeOut’s list of “The best cookies in the US,” as well as local interest indicated by Google searches. Check out the 10 best cities for cookie lovers below, followed by key insights from this report.


Seattle, Washington

New York, New York

Washington, D.C.

Boston, Massachusetts

San Francisco, California

Sacramento, California

Paterson, New Jersey

Los Angeles, California

Orange, California

Fresno, California

Pacific panaderías: West Coast cities took up six of our top 10 spots, with Seattle leading the way at No. 1. Seattle has top-quality cookies, with access to plenty of cookie shops, including those open late.

California cities follow closely behind. San Francisco (No. 5) boasts the fifth-highest number of late-night cookie shops per square mile. Sacramento (No. 6) rose to the top with the second-biggest share of highly rated cookie vendors. Sacramento and Los Angeles (No. 8) tied with five other cities for the highest number of food delivery services. 

Sweet-tooth cities: After-hours munchies are no big deal in Atlantic-side cities. These cities love their late-night cookie shops and have plenty of them to satisfy their sweet tooths after sunset. New York (No. 2), Washington (No. 3), and Boston (No. 4) each have high access to late-night cookie shops.

New York also stands out as No. 1 in the popularity category and in access to food delivery services. It’s easy to find a tasty confection in Boston and Washington, each earning high scores across all quality metrics. 

Texas trefoils: Texans love their Girl Scout Cookies. Five Lone Star State cities — Frisco, Plano, Dallas, McKinney, and Denton — have the highest numbers of Girl Scout Cookie booths, behind Baltimore. Sprawling cities like Houston (No. 24) and Austin (No. 35) might lack access, but cookie quality and popularity are high in each city.  Amarillo (No. 200), however, was battered down in the rankings. Residents must prefer baking them at home — this city has low cookie access, quality, and popularity.