The Food Institute and Willard Bishop will present a one-hour webinar to discuss the issue of food prices, including deflation in 2012 and beyond. The presentation will begin at 12pm EST.

Jim Hertel and Craig Rosenblum, of Willard Bishop, will be moderated by Dr. John Stanton of St. Joseph's University, to provide unique and unparalleled insights into the future of food retailing. This popular event is one of the most anticipated webinars each year and is a must for food and beverage retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, suppliers, distributors, industry consultants and trade press!

During the most recent bout of food inflation, many retailers attempted to pass along cost increases with limited success, as there is too little growth in consumer income and too much value channel competition.

Now, as food inflation may be ending, major questions are emerging such as:

What is the outlook for food prices over the next 24-36 months?
Will commodity cost declines ripple through manufacturer costs and ultimately pass on to retail?
Will energy cost impact food prices?
How will Private Label and traditional supermarket channels be impacted?
Who will emerge a winner? And, who will lose as a result?

Panelists will dig into retailer strategies and identify actions/consequences that retailers will face in the year ahead. A thorough understanding of the impact that food deflation will have on food retailers will be analyzed and explored. Additional information and registration for the event can be found by clicking here or by contacting Doreen Pfeiffer at 201-791-5570, ext. 218.