On Sunday, July 17, National Tattoo Day (which also coincides with National Ice Cream Day), Drumstick is asking its fans if they would be willing to get a Drumstick tattoo.

The idea was born from the ice cream brand’s new mascot, Dr. Umstick, who has a penchant for permanent ink. Now, fans who get a Drumstick tattoo of their own will have a chance to win a year’s worth of Drumstick Sundae Cones.

The sweepstakes opens July 8 and runs through July 31, allowing time to get a Drumstick tattoo throughout the month. The tattoo can be real, temporary, Mini Drum, Lil Drum, drawn on with a sharpie… any way fans want to express their love for Drumstick.

To enter to win, fans can tag Drumstick and share a photo of their Drumstick tattoo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DrumstickInk. At random, Dr. Umstick will select five lucky winners who will win a one-year supply of Drumstick. To learn more, fans can follow Drumstick on Twitter and Instagram.