The Bread Bakers Guild of America is planning a national bread conference, WheatStalk 2012 at Kendall College in Chicago. The event will be held June 28-30, 2012 and will feature three educationally packed days with hands-on classes, demos, lectures and oven building.

WheatStalk 2012 will be a joining together of member bakers, millers and growers to learn and improve techniques, share ideas and build community. One of the goals of WheatStalk 2012 is creating an inclusive and fun filled atmosphere while maximizing an educationally intensive opportunity for members.

The Guild will be offering day passes to attend demo sessions or lectures for morning sessions. These exciting sessions are sure to inspire the baker and reinforce skills, and the passes are affordably priced at $50 per day.

Demos Include:

Bread Showpieces — Pierre Zimmermann
Laminating with Whole Grains — Craig Ponsford

Team USA Breads — Mike Zakowski, Jeff Yankellow
Saturday AM
Scandinavian Baking — Solveig Tofte
Decorative Bread Art — Harry Peemoeller

Starting a Bakery — Amy Scherber & Leslie Mackie

From Wheat to Flour — Tim Huff, Steve Curran, Tod Bramble

Science Underlying Bread Baking — Lee Glass, Andrew Ross