For the first time, the Underground Donut Tour is expanding beyond the United States into its first location overseas in London, England. The London Tour joins several US locations, including Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Nashville and New Orleans.

“When we started to do our research to see which cities might make a good fit abroad, London stood out as both an amazing donut destination, but also a hub for international tourism,” says Jeff Woelker, founder of the Underground Donut Tour. “Much like our tours in the states, guests will experience a bit of history, a bit of culture, and a lot of donuts as part of the tour. We’re so excited to launch our first international outpost in London!”

Starting July 1, guests will walk between four of the best donut shops in London, learning the history of each location, along with many local sights, sounds and tastes of the area. The tour primarily takes place near Borough Market showcasing Bread Ahead Bakery and Doughnut Time with two other locations that guests will discover as part of the tour itself.

“These donut shops are absolutely amazing! And the route we’ve picked out showcases some of the most iconic areas of central London,” says Oscar Russell, tour manager for the Underground Donut Tour London. “It’s the perfect way to start or end a trip in London. I can’t wait to get started!”

Tours run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-12 and 1-3 with more days and times coming soon. Tickets are £40 for adults and £25 for kids 10 and under.