Each time we log onto the Internet, we're greeted by an avalanche of information.  Our friends share blog posts and news stories via social networks, search engines serve up links related to our queries, and rumor and innuendo travels at light speed across our connected worlds.  How do you decide what to believe? 

In the newest edition of Beyond PR, PR Newswire tackles the issue of vetting content and determining credibility, and offer some advice for brands and publishers seeking to build credibility with their audiences.

Developing trust and credibility with content is the subject of an upcoming conference hosted by The Poynter Institute, in partnership with PR Newswire. Creating Credible Content (April 11-13, 2013) will focus on how applying journalistic skills and values to corporate communications and content marketing strategies builds trusting relationships with their audiences. 

The Beyond PR blog highlights communications tactics and trends in public relations, investor relations, social media, SEO and content marketing.  

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