To celebrate the start of the new year, Las Vegas-based Pinkbox Doughnuts is unveiling not one Doughnut of the Month, but four. A lineup of French crullers, a modern interpretation of a French choux pastry, features a soft, airy texture that is frosted to perfection.

The French cruller flavors include: 

  • Chocolate Swirly – chocolate frosted French cruller
  • Maple Swirly – maple frosted French cruller
  • Strawberry Swirly – strawberry frosted French cruller
  • Vanilla Swirly – vanilla frosted French cruller

Other doughnut additions that are available from December 27, 2021 to January 3, 2022 include:

  • New Year’s PEE-WEEZ – Glazed vanilla cake bites with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Pooh – Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate icing, candy décor and dressed up in a tuxedo with New Year’s décor
  • New Year’s DoughCro – White frosted DoughCro topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Diva – White frosted chocolate cake topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Bar – Maple frosted raised bar topped with New Year’s décor and sprinkles
  • New Year’s Vegan – Chocolate frosted vegan shell topped with 2022 décor, New Year’s sprinkles and filled with homemade raspberry jam
  • New Year’s Ring – Chocolate frosted raised ring topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • Chocolate Clock – White frosted raised shell topped with clock décor and filled with chocolate whip

The doughnut are available at all locations across the Las Vegas valley and Primm, Nevada.