When Made In began speaking with Chef Nancy Silverton about baking dishes, as well as knives, it was clear that she loved kitchen tools. The noted James Beard Award winner and baker extraordinaire shared amazing stories in great detail about all of the knives that she’s seen in her work.

A long blade? Check. Sturdy feel? Check. White handle with decorative rivets? Yes, you guessed it. Check.

As a result, Made In created a bread knife that was designed to the exact specifications of one of the most influential bread makers on the planet. It features 24 serrated points, two brass rivets with a third decorative one in the middle, a handle made from bone micarta, and it all comes in a box designed by two-time Grammy award nominee and Chef Silverton’s dear friend, Coco Shinomiya.

“When I look at that box, it says this is a box for Nancy Silverton without a doubt,” Silverton shares.

These tools can be found at madeincookware.com, as well as the new Nancy Silverton Baking Slab. This features undulated handles, perfect for transferring dishes from oven to table, a large surface area, designed for the maximum amounts of fillings in your desserts, and is made with pure French Porcelain.

This Porcelain Baking Slab is perfect for making slab pies, whether sweet or savory, and has thoughtfully designed walls to support crust formation and is long enough to feed a large group of people. Since porcelain conducts heat extremely well and is thermal-shock resistant, you can ensure that your bakes will have a perfectly golden-brown crust.

In addition, powerhouse Made In and Silverton recently revealed the limited-edition French Porcelain Baking Set. This comes on the heels of their French Porcelain Baking Slab launch, which sold out in less than a day due to unprecedented demand that more than tripled Made In’s forecast for launch day. 

The French Porcelain Baking Set includes a hyper limited-edition 3-piece bakeware set (oval, square, rectangle) each born of a lineage of craftsmen that have been perfecting bakeware from the original, 200-year-old proprietary porcelain recipe and painted with three different bespoke patterns. Durable, thermal-shock resistant, and produced from the finest raw materials in the world, this bakeware set will take your recipes to a whole new level.