Chef Christophe Rull has been selected to represent USA in the World Chocolate Masters. The competition, created by Cacao Barry, owned by Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, will take place in October 2022 in Paris.

Chef Rull brings with him over 20 years of experience as head pastry chef at Sugar Geek Show, reality TV chef on Netflix’s Bake Squad and pastry instructor at ST Pastry School. He was selected due to his creativity and determination – taking on the theme from the 2021 North American National Selections and sharing his visions for what tomorrow's outlook would be if the ocean, humanity and cacao didn’t exist.

“For me, #TMRW is all about protecting the ocean because without the ocean there is no humanity,” says Chef Rull when talking about his vision. “When we go to the moon the first thing we looked for is a source of water so for us to have a tomorrow it will be necessary for humans to preserve the ocean and find a way to minimize the use of plastic and items that pollute the ocean and ultimately on our plates.”

The World Chocolate Masters competition is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of chocolate creativity. It’s the ultimate opportunity for upcoming chefs from all over the globe to share their chocolate talent and connect with fans, professionals and industry leaders worldwide.

The eighth edition’s theme is born from the divide between apocalyptic visions and the rise of a bright new optimism. The theme, Masters #TMRW_TASTES_LOOKS_FEELS_LIKE_, embarks on a journey that invites chefs to explore totally new expressions of chocolate. It’s not about far into the future, but about tomorrow and how upcoming chefs in pastry, chocolate or hospitality industry will reinvent tomorrow’s pleasures. Creating recipes that celebrate the health benefits of cacao, and rethink the design formats such as a pastry, a snack, or a bonbon.

The USA selection was a two-day event where competitors had to create the following:

  • #YOU: Mood board explaining the contestant’s vision of what #TMRW means to them
  • #DESIGN: Chocolate artwork using 6 different techniques only using 5kg of chocolate
  • #Taste: Fresh Chocolate Patisserie including 3 required ingredients: Chocolate, Fruit, and a locally sourced ingredient.
  • #SNACK: A chocolate snack that is 100% plant-based
  • #BONBON: a bonbon based on natural ingredients

“I will go at it 100%. Try to find a balance between being focused on the competition and leading a healthy life. I want to make sure I am at my best,” Rull says about next year’s World Chocolate Masters. “I need to step up my game and surround myself with inspiring people who are experts that I can learn from. I want to continue to grow in my craftsmanship.”