To help guests celebrate the 2021 holiday season, Lady M New York has launched the Lady M Merry and Bright Advent Calendar, a luxe candy set that doubles as décor. Adorned with vibrant red and green with gold foil details, the wreath-shaped calendar opens to reveal 24 custom drawers filled with candies and confections from Lady M Bon Bon.

The Advent Calendar includes a decadent assortment of brand-new confections from Lady M’s exclusive candy line, Lady M Bon Bon. Flavors include Matcha Crunch, Strawberry Jelly, Crème Brûlée Almonds, Passion Fruit Pearls, Red Chocolate Dragee, Strawberry Shortcake, Brownie Chocolate, Red Velvet Orbs, Mango Jelly Cheesecake, Rose Jelly, Earl Grey Crunch and Chocolate Cookie Puffs.

The Lady M Merry and Bright Advent Calendar also has LED lights for a sparkling twinkle effect, a gold chain to hang the calendar as a wreath and a flocked red bow. As an additional offering this holiday season, Lady M is launching an Advent Calendar Gift Set and Cake Bundle, where customers have the option to purchase a Merry and Bright Advent Calendar Gift Set and Signature Mille Crêpes together ($170).

Each Lady M Merry and Bright Advent Calendar is sold complete with a custom gift card and shopping bag ($80). The calendar is now available in US and Canada boutiques and online at and