On Tuesday, August 3, OREO debuted its first café, located on the third floor of the It’Sugar store in the American Dream retail and entertainment complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Not only does the new store offer retail items including OREO cookie products and official merchandise, but it also features a treats bar where guests can enjoy shakes, sundaes, cheesecake and more made with OREO cookies. They can also customize a treat by choosing a dessert base, then selecting from a wide range of OREO-inspired toppings to make more than 200 possible combinations.

The menu also includes an exclusive not-so-secret item known as the OREO Donut S’Morewich. It features scoops of OREO ice cream, chocolate waffle cone pieces, a marshmallow, glazed doughnut, fudge, sprinkles and OREO cookies.

In a release, OREO refers to its new café as “a new, immersive and personalized way for all fans and cookie lovers to experience OREO in person!” For those who can’t make it to New Jersey to visit the café, OREO says merchandise can still be purchased at itsugar.com and oreo.com.