National Sisters Day takes place on Sunday, August 1, and Baked by Melissa is celebrating sisterhood in a sweet way with free cupcakes.

The New York City-based mini cupcake bakery is offering a special deal to customers who purchase the Baked by Melissa Sister’s Day assortment. From July 27 through August 1, those who do so can send a free 25-pack of cupcakes to their sister. The offer is limited to first 100 redemptions. After 100 redemptions are reached, customers will be given an offer for 15% off any purchase.

The Sister’s Day assortment ships nationwide and features Baked by Melissa’s latest and greatest flavors including Tie-Dye, Salted Chocolate Caramel, Peanut Butter & Crackers, Triple Fudge Chocolate, Cookie Dough and more.

“Growing up around all boys I always assumed I’d be a boy mom,” says Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder and CEO of Baked by Melissa. “Raising two daughters has opened my eyes to the beauty of sisterhood. Even at ages 3 and 5 my daughters’ bond is tremendous. I look forward to watching their relationship grow and I feel lucky to be able to witness firsthand how incredible having a sister to go through life with can be - by blood or by choice. So for National Sisters Day, whether it’s your birth sister, soul sister or otherwise, I hope you celebrate that special bond. If you’re anything like me, you’ll send some cupcakes to remind her how much you love her.”