Heart cakes are a joyful new trend in the Hispanic community. Sahuayo Market, a grocery store and bakery in Stockton, CA, is enjoying enormous success with its heart shaped cakes, both large and small. “18-inch heart cakes are our most popular,” says Alejandra Buenrostro, who manages one of Sahuayo’s two stores in Stockton.

These 18-inch heart cakes are huge and are decorated in colorful ways, such as piped balloons on top in several different shades of blue. They also sell smaller heart cakes covered in whipped cream with fresh strawberries on top. Their heart cakes are big sellers all year around, not just for Valentine’s Day.

“We are known up and down the Central Valley for our cakes,” Buenrostro says. “People love our whipped cream. We use three different icings mixed together in a special way to make our whipped topping.”