Lorin Peters, a former chef at three-Michelin Star restaurant The French Laundry, a Thomas Keller-owned restaurant, pivoted to a new career path during the pandemic with the launch of Cookie Rich, an Austin-based cookie bakery that offers something different while also infusing the classic flavors and textures that make homemade cookies so good.

The bite-size treats, coming in a variety of flavors that rotate seasonally, are crafted from two scratch-made cookies sealed together with a filling. Each cookie has a pillowy texture and curvy shape resulting in a light product with a memorable taste.

“Like many others, I found myself unemployed and the future of the restaurant industry in question,” says Chef Peters. “Not knowing when things would pick back up, I decided to take fate into my own hands and create something of my own, something that everyone would be able to enjoy no matter what the pandemic or future might bring. I wanted to reinvent something that hadn’t changed in years, and the cookie was just that.”

On Tuesday, April 13, Cookie Rich announced that it would be taking its cookies nationwide through a partnership with curated online culinary marketplace Goldbelly. Previously only available to people in Chef Peters’ native Austin, Texas, where the company has been rapidly building a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, Cookie Rich will now be available in all 50 states.

Cookie Rich offers twelve playful flavors with rotating, seasonal varieties introduced each quarter. A few of the current menu favorites include Birthday + Sprinkle Cream Cheese, a rainbow sprinkle sugar cookie with a cream cheese filling; Chocolate Chip + Dark Chocolate Fudge, an upgraded chocolate chip cookie with a dark chocolate fudge filling; Lemon + Lemon Pudding; and Toasted Coconut + Salted Caramel.

All flavors of Cookie Rich will be found under Goldbelly’s “Sweets” section on its website. Limited-time offerings for holidays and quarterly rotating flavors will be available to ship nationwide. Cookie Rich can be purchased by the dozen, with an option of chef’s choice, best sellers or build your own box where you get to choose as many of each flavor as you would like. The option to add gold dust or a special notecard will be available as well.