Make holiday desserts sparkle with Yum Crumbs, a line of delicious toppings for all your baking endeavors. The company’s versatile dessert and candy crumbles add flavor and texture to desserts, snacks, and dipped fruit. The creations are endless!

Seasonal favorites include pumpkin pie and classics like lemon pound cake, strawberry shortcake, and red velvet crumbles. Bakers of any skill level and age can easily add finishing touches to their desserts or simply save time on decorating by sprinkling the Yum Crumb’s flavor on top.

With more than 10 crumb flavors and a variety of candy dessert toppings, you’ll find the right flavor and texture for all seasonal baking. Each 12-ounce jar can crumb a six- to eight 8-inch cake or approximately 36 cupcakes. All crumbs are made from scratch using top-quality ingredients and have a one-year shelf life (unopened).