This year celebrate the season with unique holiday treats from the land of Santa Claus: Scandinavia. Chef Kristina Vanni, known for her “Easy, Elegant and Everyday” approach to all things food, shares holiday treats from her native homeland in the northern corner of Europe that will warm the heart but not have you spend hours in the kitchen.

In winter when days become short and sunlight is sparse, Scandinavians welcome cozy, indoor meals.  There is also a desire in the winter to fill the home with color.  Scandinavians might change the linens or hang brilliantly colored curtains to brighten up the house.  So during the holiday season cookies play an important role in bringing an array of colors

“Scandinavians pride themselves on living close with nature. The food, in turn, honors the simple beauty of the ingredients used,” Kristina explains. “The six varieties of cookies I have provided fully represent the unique flavor experiences of the Arctic North: from cardamom and anise, to lingonberry jam and pearl sugar, the flavors of Scandinavia add unique flavors for your holiday meal or party.”