First, there was the traditional bride and groom atop the wedding cake. Next brides started to get more creative, using different types of figurines to more artistically interpret the bride and groom. Then a simpler approach to top the cake was to use a monogram or the initial of the new couple's last name.

And now, as modern wedding cakes evolve, the top of the cake is no longer assumed to be the focal point - the overall design of the cake serves as a representation of the couple and the wedding's theme.

This is a trend that is prevalent in some of the country's best cake designs. Just ask Jennifer Matsubara, Food Network Challenge competitor and owner of Shelby Lynne Cake Shop in Springdale, AR. "The more modern the cake, the less likely it will be to have a topper," Matsubara says.

Some examples of focal points on the cake rather than on top of the cake include monograms, initials and personal touches such as broches, like the one featured here that Matsubara made from a silicone mold to emulate her customer's.