At this summer's Deep South RBA workshop in Baton Rouge, LA, noted decorator Jennifer Atwood (of Atwood's Bakery in Alexandria, LA) led a demonstration on flavor innovation. From cupcakes to cinnamon rolls, Atwood's isn't afraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to unique flavors and combinations.

One important resource Atwood uses is The Flavor Bible. "If you don't have this book," Atwood says, "you need to get it."

Say you want to create a new flavor profile that features banana. The Flavor Bible will list any flavor that goes with it. And those listed in all caps are indicated as what goes best with it. It also highlights "flavor affinities" - two or three combination ideas, such as banana, dates and oatmeal.

The Flavor Bible was a trusted resource for inspiring flavor ideas such as lemon macarons filled with basil buttercream, which Atwood sampled at the workshop.