Santa Monica’s DeLight Patisserie offers a unique product to help people get their messages across. Whether it be a birthday card for a friend or family member or a creative form of a business card, the bakery’s edible message cookies have been a big success in recent months.

Pastry chef Celine Zhou first began offering these shortbread cookies this past summer at her online bakery. It started as a gift for a friend, but soon blossomed into a business opportunity. As Zhou’s other friends started asking for their own custom message cookies for different events, she realized the cookies could be serve a variety of purposes.

Zhou used stamped messages as an alternative to writing them with icing. “Some people make cookies with custom messages, but the messages are always written in icing,” she says. “It looks cute, but it tastes too sweet.”

Since the cookies were first introduced, DeLight Patisserie’s website has seen a huge spike in traffic as customers request their own message cookies for weddings, showers, birthdays, and so much more.

Customers are getting creative with their messages too. Some examples include a variation on Nike’s popular slogan (“Just Do Eat”), a marriage proposal (“Will you marry me?” and below it, “A: Yesss. B: Choice A.”), and relationship status (“Single [  ] Taken [  ] Hungry [X]”).

Zhou says that she has even begun using the cookies as business cards, putting her name and email address on them.