Said to be the largest edible cookie dough and dessert shop in the United States, World’s Best Cookie Dough has a wide variety of cookie dough offerings. None are more unusual (and intriguing) than one of its latest products, a cookie stuffed with fried chicken.

The cookie-encrusted fried chicken was recently highlighted in a video from Thrillist:

To make it, the shop uses chicken, buttermilk, egg, “secret” seasonings, ginger, chili pepper, chicken seasoning, and panko breadcrumbs. The chicken pieces are then fried, pulled, covered in cookie dough batter, and baked.

“It (cookie dough) is so versatile, so you can create anything with it. Now, we have taken it to the next level and experimented with our team of bakers which allowed us to see that there’s no limits to cookie dough,” says World’s Best Cookie Dough founder Sam Sufian.

The cookie dough chicken comes in flavors such as pecan pie, cookies n’ cream, and many more.