A convenient way to add glamourous appeal to your sweet treats involves chocolate decorations. Dobla’s Decorating Kits are an easy and affordable way to beautifully decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. The kits provide an efficient way to manage inventory and reduce SKU counts. Planning for production is a breeze, as each kit is designed with just enough delicious chocolate to make a select number of items. Set-up for new items is significantly reduced as each kit is an individual SKU, eliminating the need to set up all of the individual products contained within the box.

Each Dobla Decorating Kit includes printed chocolate decoration pieces and chocolate curls. Easy step-by-step instructions are included to show how to create each product with beautifully consistent results. Dobla Decorating Kits are available in an incredible variety of seasonal and special occasion formats.  

Available from BakeMark, Sprinkelina adds a colorful, shimmery flair to your creations. Available in a variety of sprinkles, pearls, glazes, and piping gels, Sprinkelina is the perfect complement to your creativity.

Mix multiple colors of Sprinkelina Sprinkles to create your choice of Halloween sprinkle mix.

Seaman at Barry Callebaut, which recently introduced the new Ruby, suggests that bakers can incorporate Ruby in fun and interesting ways for fall sweets, including cakes, cookies and donuts. Barry Callebaut’s Ruby has a new and unique sensory profile, combining berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. This is unlocked from pure cocoa beans that are specially chosen for their ruby properties, without adding berry flavors or colors.

As part of its global launch, Ruby is now hitting the world’s largest chocolate market in North America. Following successful rollouts in Asia, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, the one-of-a-kind product is formally launching in the United States and Canada.

“With Ruby being such a new innovation on the chocolate scene, bakers can best capitalize on its unique color and flavor profile by showcasing it in its purest forms such as Ruby bark,” he says. “Ruby pairs well with maple and with a range of nuts including macadamias; dip white chocolate macadamia nut cookies in tempered Ruby for a pop of color and unexpected fruity punch to the cookie.”