We’re deep into wedding season, which means that wedding cakes are being crafted by bakeries all over the country. As couples look to determine what wedding cakes fits best for their receptions, they’ll turn to Google to help with finding the trendy versions of this dessert.

Google recently released data that shows the top searched wedding cakes in the U.S. so far in 2019. Many of these have been popular for years, while some are relatively new to the list.

Here is the top ten:

  1. Naked Wedding Cake
  2. Simple Wedding Cake
  3. Italian Wedding Cake
  4. Rustic Wedding Cake
  5. Hawaiian Wedding Cake
  6. Small Wedding Cake
  7. Sunflower Wedding Cake
  8. Donut Wedding Cake
  9. Cupcake Wedding Cake
  10. DIY Wedding Cake

Earlier this year, leading wedding resource The Knot forecasted that eats with a twist would be popular at America’s weddings. Pairings that are unconventional and Instagrammable, such as root beer floats in champagne flutes, are currently popular.

In desserts, the wedding industry has seen donuts become a big part of receptions, and that trend extends to different baked goods in 2019 as cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls take center stage.

Wedding cakes remain popular, but they are evolving in appearance. Couples are hiring professional cake bakers to create unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers that effectively turn cakes into art installations. Many cakes feature stunning designs rich in color and texture.