National Cannoli Day took place Sunday, June 16, and one of America’s premiere cannoli providers recognized the special day with a one-of-kind treat.

Carlo’s Bakery (home of the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro) honored its beloved cannoli by turning them golden for the day. These limited-edition cannoli were chocolate-dipped and then hand-painted and sprinkled with gold.

The golden cannoli cost $3 each and were available at all Carlo’s Bakery locations nationwide, which includes nine states.

Buddy Valastro didn’t stop there in his recognition of Cannoli Day. The Cake Boss penned a “love letter” to cannoli, which you can read below:

Dear Cannoli,


I can't quite remember the moment we met but I suspect it was something from the storybooks and I will forever be grateful for our special connection. You get me, I get you. Quality time together—what we've fondly called "snack time"—is a symphony of opposing worlds, both crunchy and creamy.


You always know just what to bring to the table and I admire your devotion to consistency. Tomorrow, June 16th, I honor you by presenting you with LOTS and LOTS of GOLD at all Carlo's Bakery locations throughout the United States!


Thank you for being there through the good, the bad, and the hungry. Happy National Cannoli Day, sweet friend.


Stay golden,

Buddy Valastro