Kwik Lok Corporation's Eco-Lok is a bag closure made with sustainable materials, part of the company’s goal to reduce its environmental impact.

The Eco-Lok product, used as a closure on consumer food products such as bread loaves, is formulated with a plant-based biopolymer called NuPlastiQ that requires up to 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce than standard plastic bag closures. Eco-Lok – like existing Kwik Lok plastic closures – is printable, reusable, recyclable, and metal detector compatible.

“Kwik Lok is proud to lead the way for a more sustainable future, maintaining safety and quality standards and preserving the environment for customers, employees, and the planet,” says Don Carrell, chief executive officer of Kwik Lok Corp. “Our customers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions and Eco-Lok is a high-quality product that reduces our carbon footprint and that of our customers.”

NuPlastiQ was developed by BioLogiQ. Through a proprietary technology, plant-based carbohydrates from sources such as corn and potatoes are converted into a material that is totally renewable.