At the recent International Artisan Bakery Expo (IABE), exhibitors featured a rising number of specialty grain and specialty flour options for retail bakeries and pizza shops.

Ardent Mills provided information about The Annex by Ardent Mills, which is a team of experts dedicated to bringing a broad portfolio of plant and specialty grain innovations to the industry, including ancient and heirloom grains, pulses, barley and organic products available in unique formats such as crisps and Individually Quick Frozen grains, perfectly cooked and ready for culinary inspiration. With farmer relationships, custom growing and identity-preserved programs, The Annex is dedicated to bringing tomorrow’s specialty grains and plant-based ingredients.

Central Milling featured the “greatest hits” of pizza flours, including their Tony Gemignani California Type OO Flour, one of most versatile around. On display was also Central Milling’s full range of specialty flours including durum, spelt, rye and Khorasan.  

Nicholas Ahrens, product applications culinologist for Bay State Milling in Quincy, Massachusetts, created a sprouted sourdough cold fermented bâtard specifically for the IABE, which was a huge hit with attendees. The formulation brings together Bay State’s Heritage European Artisan Flour and BeneGrain Sprouted Wheat Flour. Heritage European is a low-protein patent flour with good absorption and volume. BeneGrain sprouted whole wheat flour brings a slight maltiness and a sweeter flavor profile than a traditional whole wheat flour. The resulting loaf has a light sour and malty flavor.

Archer Daniels Midland Company introduced a line of consistent and high-performing organic flours. The new line utilizes ADM’s extensive wheat sourcing network and USDA organic-certified facility to provide consistent wheat procurement and processing tailored to meet customer needs. The new organic flour portfolio includes organic all-purpose flour and organic premium bread flour, with additional organic milled products coming soon.

“We’re excited to bring our customers some of the most reliable organic flours on the market,” said Kevin Like, vice president, commercial and sales for ADM Milling. “With this new line, developers can now more easily deliver consistent taste and texture in their baked products and meet the growing organic demand.”

Abel & Schafer unveiled Massa Madre Ferment, a dry wild yeast sponge. The new product is based on a wild yeast fermentation of wheat flour. A selective propagation of yeasts occurring naturally in wheat flour is used to obtain a sponge dough, which is gently dried to preserve the natural yeast´s viability.

Massa Madre Ferment provides an artisan baking approach combined with modern production processes for consistency in every batch, according to Abel & Schafer. It yields intense deep flavors and longer shelf life due to better water retention.