You saw her “muppetize” the judges on the “Sesame Street Cakes” episode of Food Network Challenge. Gold-medal-winning decorator Lauren Kitchens is now teaching decorators across the country how to muppetize just about anyone. This weekend, she’s muppetizing in Richardson, TX.

Classes: Muppets 101 / Muppets 201
Date: May 15 (101) and May 16 (201)
Location: Cake Carousel, Richardson, TX
Cost: Varies (see below)

Muppets 101
Learn the techniques Lauren used on Food Network Challenge: Sesame Street Cakes to make your own, one of a kind, edible Muppet. Lauren will teach you how to “muppetize” anyone, even yourself! You will learn rice cereal treat sculpting, modeling chocolate applications, fondant work and airbrushing. Price per student varies from $250 to $300 depending on location and how the Muppet is made. Will be the Muppet made out of rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate, or sitting on or popping out of a 6” round dummy tier? All supplies included with price.

Muppets 201
Lauren takes you a step further into cake sculpting and structure with this second, more advanced Muppet class that uses techniques learned in Muppets 101. The same muppetizing rules apply, but this Muppet will be sculpted out of cake and standing on two legs. You will learn how to create a structure with flanges, pipes and copper tubing, as well as how to sculpt cake using templates. Other techniques include rice-cereal treat sculpting, modeling chocolate and fondant work. Price per student varies from $350 to $400 depending on location. All supplies included with price.

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