Since 1950, Dobla has been creating fine couverture chocolate toppings and decorations. “We have become an industry standard for bringing decorative beauty to bakery items and providing innovative solutions for bakeries,” says Chelsea Glass, marketing manager at Dobla.

Through collaborative ideation, Dobla identifies needs and creates eye-catching products that capture the spirit and fun of the latest trends. Embellishing baked goods with edible and expressive chocolates found in Dobla’s Decorating Kits is the perfect solution for busy bakeries.

Dobla’s Decorating Kits are an easy and affordable way to beautifully decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. The kits provide an efficient way to manage inventory and reduce SKU counts. Planning for production is a breeze, as each kit is designed with just enough delicious chocolate to make a select number of items. Setup for new items is significantly reduced, as each kit is an individual SKU, eliminating the need to set up all individual products contained within the box.

Each Dobla Decorating Kit includes printed chocolate decoration pieces and chocolate curls. Easy step-by-step instructions are included to show how to create each product with beautifully consistent results. Dobla Decorating Kits are available in an incredible variety of seasonal and special occasion formats. Kits like these allow bakeries to create an indulgent, visually exciting look with minimal effort.

Dobla’s Chef Monica Kate explains, “The demand for chocolate decorations is not only being made by consumers looking for new indulgences and experiences. Decorators are asking for chocolates that will meet those needs as a medium for creating unique textures and modern flair with more consistency than traditionally piped icings.”

 Dobla is creating more couverture chocolate decoration pieces that can be used in the bakery. Uniquely designed printed chocolates add incremental value and elevate the bakery case with vibrant looks.