The National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot Culinary survey is done in partnership with the American Culinary Federation. The NRA surveys members of the ACF to discover what will be the big food trends for the coming year.

The 2019 edition finds that global inspirations and alternatives to meat and carbs are on the minds of chefs and customers.

“These foods, already popular in consumers’ own homes, are now poised to ignite sales at restaurants and foodservice operations,” says Hudson Riehle, the National Restaurant Association’s senior vice president of research. “It’s no secret restaurant customers seek new food experiences when dining out. Chefs are listening to that request and offering them the foods they want. That’s good for guests and business.”

Over 69 percent of chefs surveyed said that ethnic-inspired items would be the year’s top food trend, especially when it comes to breakfast foods. New cuts of meat will also be popular, including oyster, Merlot, and Vegas Strip steaks.

Another big trend for 2019 is plant-based proteins. According to 64 percent of the chefs surveyed, plant-based sausages and burgers will be big because of their appeal to vegetarians and vegans, their sustainability, and their flavor and texture.

Vegetable substitutes for carbs are on the rise as well. Noodles made of vegetables like zucchini and beets have become more prevalent on restaurant menus, and that will continue in the New Year.

The full results of the 2019 What’s Hot Culinary survey will be released in early January.