Chocolate brands are consistently looking to reach an ever-evolving consumer base with new innovations. In recent years, we’ve seen a variety of new flavors that capture the attention of younger consumers.

While flavor is of utmost importance, there is another factor that has been on the rise lately. According to research from Mintel, texture is the next big thing in chocolate.

“As consumer taste profiles change and new consumers enter the confection market, we know opportunity exists to develop new combinations of chocolate and peanut butter with texture and complexity,” says Eric Bowers, Brand Manager of Reese’s at The Hershey Company.

Reese’s has found plenty of success by creating unique textures with its products. In the last three years, it has introduced REESE’S Pieces Cup, REESE’S Crunchy Cookie Cup, and REESE’S Outrageous bars, all of which have generated significant growth for the company.

At Mars, innovation has been a priority with its M&M’s brand. The latest addition to the M&M’s lineup is Hazelnut Spread M&M’s, which have a creamy chocolate-hazelnut center. The product will debut on store shelves in the spring of 2019, but anticipation for the arrival is already quite high.

“Consumer research inside and outside of the confection category led us to innovating against textural complexity. Consumers are looking for more complex eats, slowing down the eating experience, and new innovations from the brands they love,” Bowers says.