250 grams whole hazelnut flour
250 grams powdered sugar
94 grams egg white(1), aged
250 grams sifted sugar
63 grams water
94 grams egg white(2), aged
2 grams egg white powder
Hazelnut filling, as needed
Raspberry pepin, as needed

Hazelnut Filling

280 grams French buttercream
75 grams praline noisette

Raspberry Pepin

500 grams raspberries
400 grams sugar
14 grams lemon juice


For raspberry pepin, bring raspberries and sugar to a boil. Add lemon juice and cook to 221°F.

For hazelnut filling, mix together French buttercream and praline noisette.

Process hazelnut flour and powdered sugar. Let dry by storing on a sheet pan in a very dry area for a day.

Place hazelnut mixture in a separate bowl, add egg white(1) and fold until homogenized.

Cook sugar and water to 248°F; don’t stir after it starts to boil, or it will crystallize.

In a planetary mixer, whisk egg white(2) and egg white powder to a soft peak stage.

Pour boiling sugar over whipped egg white, continuing to whip at slow speed. Then whip at high speed until meringue cools to about 122°F and is stiff, but still shiny.

Fold meringue into hazelnut mixture until it becomes glossy and slightly runny.

Pipe 1½-inch drops on to a silicone mat or parchment paper; let dry until a skin forms on top.

Bake 12 minutes at 300°F in a convection oven with vent open.

When shells have cooled, turn half upside down. Pipe a circle of hazelnut filling and a drop of raspberry pepin in center of each upside-down shell. Cover each with a second shell and press lightly.


Formulation inspired by Deborah Ott, winner of the World Master Baker title in gourmet baking at Europain 2018