Award-winning decorator Mercedes Strachwsky outlines a step-by-step demonstration of "easy loops." Strachwsky, grand champion of the 2009 Grand National Wedding Cake Competition at the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, has partnered with Satin Fine Foods to publish Satin Ice Sugar Craft, a book which showcases Strachwsky's work and instruction. This step-by-step is just a hint of what you can find in her book.





Step 1: Stretch the fondant until it is very thin and pass it through a pasta machine set to fettucini style.


Step 2: Once passed through the fettucini setting, carefully place the thin pieces of fondant onto your work surface. If you do not have a pasta machine, you can use a ruler as a guide to cut desired width.


Step 3: Delicately place fondant ribbon onto your cake as demonstrated. Trim any excess fondant around border of cake.


Step 4: Our next step is to create an easy loop bow. Using your precut pieces of fondant, measure desired length with a ruler.


Step 5: Use your hands to create a loop, pinching the two ends of the ribbon together.


Step 6: Lay the looped pieces on a flat surface to dry.



Step 7: Once the bow is dry, delicately place each loop into center of cake, creating a bow. Repeat until you achieve your desired result.

For more information on ordering Satin Ice Sugar Craft, contact your bakery distributor or Satin Fine Foods at or (845) 469-1034