5.80 oz (165g) Passion Fruit Puree (LB 113210)
5.80 oz (165g) Strawberry Puree (LB 111110)
1.40 oz (40g) Trimoline Invert Sugar DGF 8301
1lb, 7.00 oz (660g) Luker Nevado White Chocolate LUK W207
7.10 oz (200g) Butter
0.70 oz (20g) Pure Vanilla Extract - Madagascar IFI 60000
0.25 oz (7g) Citric Acid 1:1
As Needed Luker Dark Santander 65% LUK D108




1. Warm the purees and trimoline to 160°F/71°C.
2. Grind the luker nevado using a processor and add the hot purees.
3. Process until smooth and homogeneous. (Use a heat gun as needed to warm the sides of the processor bowl)
4. Cool to 90°F/32°C. Add the butter extract and citric acid solution.
5. Place the mixture in a disposable piping bag for dispensing.
6. Spray molds with tempered colorized cocoa butter prior to coating with the dark chocolate.
7. Fill molds pre-coated with luker 65% Santander.


Formulation courtesy of ifiGourmet