Westco Crème Cake Mix or Pud’n Creme Muffin Mix  1/50 LB

Strawberry Fruit-O  1/12 LB

White or Chocolate Dipping Icing 

Q.A. Sprinkles or Toppers 

Sliced Almonds




1. Scale your choice of any Westco Crème Cakes for the desired size batch. Prepare the batter following the directions printed on the bag, making sure that you scrape the bowl well between each stage.

2. Put batter into piping bag & pipe batter to fill each cone ½ to ¾ full.

3. Bake filled cake cones according to directions on the bag of cake mixed used, or until cake is golden brown.

4. Let cake or muffin cones cool. Decorate with Dipping Icing and sprinkles, toppings, or other decorations.


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark