7 Lb. American Almond® Almond Paste*  
2 Lb. 12 Oz. Granulated Sugar
12 Oz. Nulomoline or Glucose Syrup 
1 Lb. 6 Oz. Egg Whites 
Vanilla Extract, as needed
Lemon Oil, as needed


On slow speed, mix the American Almond® Almond Paste with the granulated sugar and Nulomoline until smooth.

Add a third of the egg whites and mix smooth.

Gradually add the balance of egg whites and mix to a smooth soft batter (adjusting the quantity of egg whites to achieve the proper consistency if needed).  Add the vanilla and lemon oil, if using.

Using a plain tube, pipe 1 1/2″ diameter cookies, spaced approximately 1″ apart on parchment-lined sheet-pans. The piped cookie batter may be left out to dry slightly overnight before baking.

See finishing ideas below before baking.

Bake at 375°F until golden brown, for approximately 20 minutes. For plain or sugar-coated macaroons, leave the oven door open for the first 5 minutes to promote attractive cracking.

*American Almond® Macaroon Paste or Kernel Paste may be used in place of Almond Paste

Finishing Ideas

Before baking, carefully pick up the parchment sheet at the corners and quickly invert it onto a full tray of pignoli nuts, sliced natural almonds or granulated almonds. Gently press the cookies into the nuts. Carefully pick up the parchment sheet and return it right side up onto the baking sheet. Or after baking, press a 1/ 2 glacé red cherry in the center of each cookie. Or sprinkle coarse granulated sugar on top of the cookie.
Or half-dip plain macaroons in chocolate after baking.

Formulation courtesy of American Almond