Total Dough

Ingredients Bakers % Metric/g
Yeast 10 1814.4
Water 20 3628.8
Whole eggs 15 2721.6
Sugar 20 3628.8
Nonfat milk powder 5 907.2
Salt 1.5 283.5
Margarine 20 3628.8
Lemon, vanilla or orange emulsion, to taste - -
Bread flour 100 18144.0
Total 191.5 34757.1


Roll in

Ingredient Metric/g
Margarine 8164.8



Ingredient Metric/g
California Raisins


Cinnamon-Sugar, as needed



For Dough: Combine all ingredients except flour in mixer bowl and mix well. Add flour gradually and mix on medium-high speed for 6 minutes. Do not develop. Scale into 6 pieces of about 12.25 pounds each. For Roll in: Fold 3 pounds margarine into each 12.25-pound piece with two single folds and one double fold. Refrigerate overnight.


Sheet each of these 6 pieces to 1/8-Inch thick. Sprinkle each piece with 2.5 pounds raisins and cinnamon-sugar, as desired, and roll up. For loaves, cut and shape each piece into 12 loaves or 75 cinnamon rolls. Dip in streusel and sprinkle with almonds, if desired. Bake at 375°F for 20 minutes. Glaze or ice as desired.

Formulation courtesy of California Raisin