Ingredients Weight Measure
Water, cold (approximately 50o F) 2 lb 8 oz 5 cups
Gold Medal™ ZT Buttermilk Biscuit Mix 5 lb 5 lb 1 box
Corn, fire roasted, canned 2 lb 2 1/2 cups
Cheese, cheddar, shredded 2 lb 8 cups
Paprika, ground fancy - 2 tsp
Garlic, minced fine 1 oz 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 2 oz 1/4 cup
Flour, for dusting 2 oz 1/2 cup



Add water to mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients to mixing bowl and mix using a rubber spatula approximately 30 strokes or until a soft dough forms. Do not overmix.

Divide dough in half to approximately 5 lb 8 oz each.

Lightly flour work bench.

Roll dough out into a 12" wide by 16" long rectangle 1/2 " thick.  (Note: use biscuit rails to assist in rolling out additional flour as necessary to prevent sitcking)

Cut dough vertically into (4) equal strips. Cut dough horizontally into (4) equal strips to create 3 x 4 inch squares. Cut squares diagonally to create 2.75 oz triangles.

Place triangles on lightly greased or parchment lined full sheet pans in a 4 x 4 pattern.


Convection Oven* 400°F 7-9 minutes
Standard Oven 450°F 11-13 minutes

Convection Oven*    400°F      7-9 minutes
Standard oven       450°F     11-13 minutes

*Rotate pans baked in convection oven one-half turn (180°) after 5 minutes of baking.

Formulation courtesy of General Mills Convenience and Foodservice