Galleta and Polvoron Mix 1/50 lb

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 4,000 Ct


Mix and Color

Make up the cookie dough following the directions provided on each bag of Trigal Dorado Galleta & Polvoron Mix. Separate into three bowls, coloring one dough red, another dough green, and leave third uncolored.


Roll Out

Roll out the colored dough's into logs.



Flatten the uncolored dough and place it over the red dough log. Follow the same step with the green dough log, placing it over the combined logs. Use egg wash or water as adhesive, if needed.



Slice the log and place the sliced cookies onto a lined sheet pan. Next, sprinkle the red portion of the cookie with C'est Vivant Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips. Bake according to the directions provided on the bag of Trigal Dorado Galleta & Polvoron Mix.


Recipe courtesy of BakeMark