Muntons PLC, maltsters and malted ingredients makers of 'World Class Malt' based in Stowmarket Suffolk, United Kingdom, with a North American office in Seattle, Washington, have announced 'Maltichoc' a new ingredient designed to enhance chocolate baked goods, while also reducing raw material costs.

Maltichoc is a blend of roasted malt flours and dried malt extracts. It has a bitter/roasted flavor, with a sweet background flavor. Although the flavor of the ingredient is not obviously chocolaty, the blend compliments and extends bitter chocolate notes in a wide range of baked goods. It also has a clean label: "Barley Malt Flour, Barley Malt Extract."

Andrew Fuller, Muntons Product Development Technologist, said, "The cost of cocoa powder is spiraling and availability is poor. A reduction of up to 50% in cocoa powder is possible with the inclusion of our new product Maltichoc, while maintaining product quality. In fact in our sensory panels many tasters preferred products made using the Maltichoc recipe."

Andrew also added, "It's not just cost saving where Maltichoc performs. The addition of this new ingredient to a value product or to a core recipe instantly enhances the product providing a richer chocolate flavor, and dark chocolate color."

Maltichoc is available in 25 kg. sacks. Samples are available on request.