Ingredients Weight
Sugar 375 g
Heavy cream 280 g
Glucose 40 DE 65 g
Van Leer 60% Rainforest Alliance Certified dark chocolate CHD-EZ-7061501-029 300 g
Heavy syrup 65 g



Heat the cream and glucose to a boil and set aside.

Cook the sugar to a caramel, or 365°F / 185°C.

De-glaze the caramel with the hot cream.

Pour the caramel into a bowl and cool down to 176°F / 80°C.

Pour the chocolate over the warm caramel base and stir.

Cool down to room temperature.

Add the heavy syrup if needed to adjust viscosity.

Prepare molds with tempered chocolate and pipe the caramel into each mold.

Allow bonbons to crust over / form a skin and close off the bottoms.

Formulation courtesy Van Leer