6.30 oz (180g) Sugar
1.60 oz (44g) Glucose Syrup
0.20 oz (6g) Lemon Juice
3.50 oz (100g) Cream
6.00 oz (170g) Pear Puree, Ambient
32.00 oz (920g) Luker Noche 40%
2.50 oz (70g) Butter
0.40 oz (10g) Pear Brandy
As Needed: Luker Arauca 70% Dark Chocolate




1. Scale all of the ingredients for the Pear-Caramel Ganache filling.
2. Place the Luker, Noche 40% Milk Chocolate into the bowl of a food processor.
3. Combine the cream and pear puree and warm to 140?F using a microwave or small pan.
4. Caramelize the sugar, glucose and lemon juice to a deep golden brown color, remove from heat and add the preheated puree/cream mixture. Stir well to combine the mixture.
5. Add the hot pear caramel to the milk chocolate and grind until smooth and homogeneous.
6. Add the butter and pear liquor and process until well combined.
7. Place the ganache mixture in a disposable piping bag and allow to cool at room temperature.
8. Spray the moulds with tempered cocoa butter to layer the colors using yellow, green, red and ending with white. Tip: use a heat gun to help maintain the temperature of the spray equipment during the transitions of color.
9. To coat the moulds, use tempered Luker, Dark Arauca 70%. Tip: filling the mould cavities with a piping bag helps to keep chocolate from collecting on the edges and sides of the mould for a cleaner process.
10. Allow the moulds to crystallize elevated to allow air flow underneath.
11. Fill the moulds with the Pear-Caramel Ganache leaving a small space at the top of each cavity. Do not over fill. Allow the filling to crystallize at room temp for a minimum of 1 hour.
12. To cap the moulds, pipe a small amount of tempered chocolate into the space at the top of each cavity using a straight edge knife to scrape clean. Alternately, chocolate may be spread across the tops and scraped.
13. Allow the moulds to fully crystallize prior to unmoulding. Tip: Although a brief chill is helpful to shrink the chocolates from the mould, avoid prolonged refrigeration as it may create unwanted condensation.


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Formulation courtesy of ifiGourmet