Total Dough

Ingredients Bakers % Metric/g
Bread flour 89 3628.8
Coarse rye flour 11 453.6
Rolled oats 22 907.2
California Raisin Rye Starter 22 907.2
Instant Yeast 1 56.7
Salt 2 99.2
Water 78 3175.2
California raisins 44 1814.4
Macadamia nuts, roasted 17 680.4
Orange peel candied 6 226.8
Total 292 11949.5



One hour before mixing, combine 1 pound of the rolled oats with 1 pint of the water heated just to boiling, and let stand for 1 hour.

Final Mixing

for dough on low for 6 minutes. (Desired dough temperature is 75ºF. Do not over mix.) Set aside to bulk ferment for 2 hours. Fold after 30 minutes; at the same time fold in raisins, macadamia nuts and orange peel. Fold again after another 30 minutes, and again after another 30 minutes. Let rest 30 minutes.


Scale dough into 5-ounce pieces and shape into squares or rectangles. Proof dough pieces on a canvas sprinkled with rolled oats for 30 minutes at 90ºF. Turn and dust with rye flour. Bake at 410ºF with steam for 30 to 35 minutes