1. Mix a batch of brown frosting using Brown Premium Gel color. 

2. Ice the cake, combing the sides if desired. Then place the Edible Image® decoration on top of the cake. 

3. Airbrush the sides of the cake with Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush. Place Dec-Ons® decorations on the top left side of the cake.

4. With a #48 tip and brown frosting, pipe a top border in between the Dec-Ons® decorations and bottom border as shown. When piping this design, keep the flat side of the tip facing outward.

5. Using pre-made mini pumpkin pies, bake them in a cupcake pan to retain their size and shape. After they are cooled, pipe a small dollop of frosting or whipped cream on top and place a Dec-Ons® decoration on each.

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Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee, courtesy of Lucks