1. Establish the height and circumference of the base of your cupcakes.

2. Roll out fondant and attach Designer Prints™ using a light application of water.

3. Cut dressed fondant to the size of your cupcakes bases.

4. Unwrap cupcakes and apply fondant strips around the sides of each cupcake, using icing to attach.

5. Mix lime green icing, and then with a #352S tip, cover the top of each cupcake with piped leaves.

6. Use chocolate icing in a #133 tip to pipe a nest on each cupcake.

7. Melt some chocolate, and use parchment (with no metal tip) to pipe branches, as shown. Arrange on cupcakes when they have set up. TIP: For added detail, pipe a few green leaves on these dimensional branches.

8. Finish with Dec-Ons® decorations.

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Decorating tip courtesy of Lucks.