Miami, the commercial capital of the Americas, will host the First International Festival of Artisan Cheese, The Cheese Connection at Miami. This unparalleled event in South Florida will welcome more than 18 thousand lovers of cheese and of its culinary possibilities.

From March 18-20, 2011, The Cheese Connection will gather at the new Miami Airport Convention Center. Present will be more than 340 artisan cheese producers from 45 countries, together with industry executives, restaurant owners, cruise lines, hotel corporations, delicatessen shops, distributors, connoisseurs, renowned chefs, celebrities and speakers, all united for the same passion: cheese.

Justo Vera-Ayestaran, creator of the Festival and President of The Cheese Connection, LLC said: "The Festival will include 'The School of Cheese,' an ensemble of seminars and workshops where attendees can learn about cheese types, appellations, aging, combinations with beer and wine, etc. Visitors will be able to sample new tastes, attend cheese making demonstrations, learn gourmet recipes, enjoy artist performances and attend international culinary competitions.

Vera, a Cheese Master from the New York Artisanal Premium Cheese Center, stated: "We are convinced that it's a great time for cheese in the US. Finally, American palates have acquired the taste for specialty cheeses that, until recently, were only sought by a niche market. Consumers have discovered the quality of Artisan Cheeses, such as the silkiness of a good Manchego, the taste of aged Parmesan, and the creamy texture of Brie." His objective is "to replicate the success story of gourmet coffee in the US, and assist in making Artisan Cheeses a household staple and as popular as in European countries."

The Marketing Manager of the company, Eduardo Alarcon, stated: "Our Trade Show will become the most important Artisan Cheese Show in southern US, the Caribbean, and Latin America. It's a great opportunity for producers to showcase or launch new cheeses, increase sales, brand awareness, and reach new markets."