1. A day ahead, create fondant plaques by first applying patterns from Black Stripes & Red Dots Designer Prints™ decorations to White Vanilla Fondant with a light application of water, and cutting hearts and rounds using Plain Round and Heart Cutter sets. Allow to dry.

2. Cut Red Vanilla Fondant flower shapes using Plain Daisy Cutters and trim down further using Round Fluted Cutters. Allow to dry.

3. Attach round plaques to red trimmed floral plaques with gum glue or water, as shown.

4. Pipe a spiraling mound of cream cheese icing on each red velvet cupcake using a #827 large star tip.

5. Attach Lips and Mustache Dec-Ons® decorations to plaques with icing.

6. Finish by placing one plaque on each cupcake.

To order everything you need to decorate these cupcakes, please click here.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz