Delight your guests with this stylish feline on a French Boutique inspired fondant cake adorned with scurrying mice cut outs.

1. Make a batch of pastel green fondant using DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel.

2. Enrobe the cake with the green fondant.

3. Use a razor knife to trim the edges off of the Kitten With Flowers Edible Image®. Apply the image to the moistened cake top as shown.

4. Measure 16 evenly spaced points along the top border and mark by poking with a pin. Mark a point on the bottom border, below each top border mark. Next, use a ruler to make a faint diagonal impression starting from one top border point, to the bottom border point that is one over to the right. Do the diagonal impressions all around the side of the cake.

5. Then, make a diagonal line impression which starts at a top border point and ends at the bottom border point which is one point over to the left. Continue around the whole cake.

6. Make impressions on the top as shown to complete the diamond patterns. Tip: make the impressions immediately after enrobing your cake while the fondant is still soft.

7. Use a #10 tip to drop a white royal icing border around the Edible Image®.

8. Use black royal icing and a #2 tip to pipe small dash lines along all of the line impressions and around the image.

9. Pipe a bottom beaded border using a #8 tip and white icing tinted with DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel.

10. Attach Mini White Blossoms Decorations at the line intersections shown, using a dab of royal icing.

11. Cut the mice out of White Dots Fondant DecoShapes™. Use the largest tear drop shape from the Flower and Leaf Cutters and cut out 16 mice bodies. Cut out the ears using the small end of a #10 decorating tip and attach them to the bodies with a touch of water.

12. Use an airbrush and Black Liquid Airbrush Color, spray each mouse a light shade of gray.

13. Attach the mice bodies at line intersections on the cake, with a dab of icing.

14. Finish the cake by piping squiggly tails on the mice; use a #3 tip and royal icing tinted gray with a couple of drops of Liquid Airbrush Color Black.

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Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol, Lucks