1. Cut a brownie rectangle diagonally down the center from point to point so that both pieces will fit together to form a triangle.

2. Stick the two brownie triangles together using chocolate icing to make a brownie sandwich.

3. Trim off the top point of the triangle at an angle, so that the brownie sandwich resembles a volcano.

4. Using a food -safe cardboard for the base of the volcano, “glue” the bottom of the brownie sandwich to the board with chocolate icing. Leave room on the board in front of the volcano and spread a bit of the chocolate icing to look like muddy ground. You may need to trim the sides of the brownie sandwich as well in order to fit on your board.

5. Tint melted donut icing with DecoPac Red Premium Gel. Drizzle a bit of donut icing over the top and down the side of the brownie sandwich to complete the erupting volcano look.

6. Tint buttercream icing with DecoPac Leaf Green Premium Gel and use a #22 star tip to make grass around the front of the volcano base.

7. Place your choice of Dinosaur Assortment Dec-Ons® in front of the volcano in the chocolate icing to complete.

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